Proposing a Formula for Excellence

Quality is critical. Customer needs and Customer value expectations are crucial. Business financial performance is essential. Employee quality of work/life balance is vital. The question is, how do we BALANCE all of these competing objectives all at once? There is no one single answer. However, I would like to propose there is a formula to consider…



(Using a little literary license), where the first “Q,” Q1 stands for Quality.

Let the second “Q,” Q2 stands for Quantity. Hence, value, what or how much am I getting for each dollar, effort or resource spent. This has relevance to being “lean” and efficient. This has an impact on Stakeholders, Employees and Customers.

“S” stands for Service. Whether we each look upon it this way or not, we each render a service. Our attitude in which we provide this service and the degree we are willing to extend service has a significant impact on others and the overall results. How well are we anticipating the customer’s needs? How well are we providing innovative solutions to customer problems? How responsive and adaptive are we? How timely are we with our response? How does our expertise, reliability and brand compare?

“E” stands for Excellence. Excellence is about obtaining and retaining CUSTOMERS. Excellence does not merely equal Quality. People’s perceptions and expectations of “Excellence” can be expected to differ. I propose we consider that Excellence is the product of Q1, Q2 and S. Simply maximizing Q1, Q2 and S for any situation is neither realistic nor relative. However, if we follow a defined formula, we should be able to provide the BALANCE of Q1, Q2 and S to OPTIMIZE each individual’s E experience. 

The Ontario Stamping Solutions initiatives have accumulated the best practices and series of processes that consistently produce predictable results for operations and products, respectively. Together, and likewise, to the formula, these are intended to address the elements of Quality, Quantity and Service to optimize Customers’ experience.


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