Product Catalogue

Small Parts for the Big Picture​

Hanger Brackets

One of our more challenging products, we have perfected the manufacture of these transmission hanger brackets.

Ball Seat Bearings

One of our more unique products, these ball seat bearings are the best option to maintain strength, part integrity, durability, and profitability in commercial vehicle applications. Eliminate the need for machining parts or sintered metal compromises.

End Caps & Washers

At Ontario Stamping, we produce a wide variety of end caps and washers, for uses in conjunction with bearing housings, seals, and other applications. Note the diversity in material selection, shapes, sizes and coatings.


At Ontario Stamping, we can manufacture a variety of hinge components, formed to our customer specifications.


These handy items are virtually everywhere – at your dentist office, in your computer, on your pencil, at the golf course, and of course in every mode of transportation. At Ontario Stamping, ferrules dominate the landscape, and this is just a random sampling of the variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations that we can manufacture on site.

Safety Products

Never compromise when it comes to safety. We manufacture safety hooks, locking mechanisms, buckles, and lanyard holders to your specifications and our strict quality standards. Don’t be left hanging on an inferior product.

Sleeves, Tubes & Clamps

Primarily used in front end tie rod applications, these sleeves can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, with clamping mechanisms to suit.

Slingers and Bootcans

Used in heavy truck and commercial vehicles, these slingers and bootcans protect the driveline from debris. Due to the nature of their end use, the material selection and draw quality of these parts is a critical element.

From Soup to Nuts

Some would call this page “Miscellaneous,” but that would not do it justice. With almost 70 years of experience, we have manufactured a variety of parts, across the spectrum. Washers, ring washers, hex washers, spring seats, locating devices, index bars, sensor brackets, brake keys, fence post caps, shipping straps for the automotive, locomotive, agricultural, off- road, construction, mining, hydro, industrial, and logistics sectors: we have been part of it. And yes, even hockey pucks, because we are Canadian after all.


A seal is a seal is a seal. Even the simplest design has to be precise, however, or it won’t seal. At Ontario Stamping, our attention to detail and quality dominated environment ensures your seal will seal, every time.

Spherical and Conical Washers

These robust washers are used in front suspension applications. For other manufacturers, this type of washer cannot be produced as a stamping: it could be formed using sintered metal, which compromises durability, and integrity. Alternatively, the part could be machined, a costly and cumbersome process which can lead to surface imperfections. The unique manufacturing process employed at Ontario Stamping Solutions allows for the stamping of millions of these washers each year, supplied to the end user in heat treated and plated condition, all to tolerances within 1/1000th of an inch on critical dimensions!

Custom Parts

Ontario Stamping has the capability to produce stampings on a wide variety of presses, from 40 to 300 Ton, utilizing up to ¼”thick by 12” wide material. We offer a complete finished product, through our network of metal finishing partners. On-demand product assembly is also available. Please contact us for more information on custom parts.